Cardio-C™XM Pauling-therapy Maintenance Mix (30 Servings)

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The orthomolecular Cardio-C XM™ (Pauling-therapy) drink mix is designed for long-term maintenance (i.e., usually after Lp(a) approaches zero on the original Cardio-C products.) Also appropriate for those few who can't tolerate Stevia.

The product adds magnesium (as magnesium ascorbate). The formula does not include stevia or proline.

This version of Cardio-C is designed for long term continuous use and is a good source of vitamin C. Add to juice, or better yet, fruit smoothies.

Cardio-C XM™ provides Linus Pauling's specific Vitamin C and Lysine recommendations per the Unified Theory of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) video lecture (1992) and includes glucose.

The Medical Medium explains that glucose is an essential nutrient, on the order of oxygen and water, required for healing and energy. Organs such as the heart, liver, brain and all muscles rely on glucose. Note D-glucose (aka dextrose) is not the same as sucrose - table sugar. The body can not survive without glucose.

Note to Diabetics

Diabetics have the same requirements for glucose as other people, however, they have an insulin "disturbance" that prevents cellular uptake from the bloodstream. Type 1 diabetics should consider one serving the equivalent of 5-10 grams of sugar when computing their insulin requirements. Type 2 diabetics have a cellular membrane disturbance blocking glucose uptake that can be minimized by minimizing fats in the diet,

The Medical Medium also explains that all nutrients require insulin before they can enter cells (which is another way to say that glucose is required for nutrients to enter cells.) It is known that vitamin C with a molecular structure similar to glucose can initiate insulin release from the pancreas. The glucose in Cardio-C XM should also release insulin, and we expect the lower dose of vitamin C (and lysine) to be at least as effective as the original formula.

The pleasant tasting Cardio-C™XM drink is much easier to swallow than the otherwise large number of pills or capsules. Usually mixed with juice. Ideal addition to fruit smoothies.

The product has been manufactured by a world-class manufactured with the finest ingredients available. Cardio-C XM is Vitamin C Foundation Approved®

SUPPLEMENT FACTS (15.38 g per serving - 30 servings)
Vitamin C as L-ascorbic acid 2,000 mg
L-lysine 2,000 mg
Magnesium as magnesium ascorbate 500 mg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 1 mg
Other Ingredients D-glucose (dextrose)

1 jar Cardio-C XM™ provides Nobelist Linus Pauling's preventive or maintenance dosage. We expect no immediate effect on Lp(a) levels using this product.

Each jar contains approximately 30 servings (scoops). The Cardio-C XM™ powder is intended for oral use. No fillers.

Vitamin C Foundation Approved® is a registered trademark of the Vitamin C Foundation.
Cardio-C XM™ is a trademark of Inteligent*Vitamin*C Inc
Cardio-C™ is a trademark of Inteligent*Vitamin*C Inc

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