PANACEA True-Liposomal (Quali-C/China-Free) Vitamin C

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I work for the V-C Foundation but would like to stress that I don't lie to sell products, but I wanted it known that this stuff is remarkable.
I hear about it's efficacy against an amazing array of maladies nearly every week since it first came out. There are many folks who assert this is the only supplement that works for them, for whatever reasons; and personally, it has controlled a chronic sinus infection.
Some may be interested to know that I have been part of a controlled study to see if the Immortal product can really lengthen telemers, and I had some of the best results (I grew a decade's worth of telemer- or got 10 years biologically "younger") and the only "X" factor we can identify is this liposomal c product that I take in large quantities (around 1 bottle every 3 days). I cannot say Panacea (good new name, imo) did it, but cannot say it didn't!
Due to the cost, unless one is independently wealthy, I'd steer people to the plain powders for simple daily supplementation, but if you're fighting a tough infection or something like that, then this stuff is worth it.
Heck, this stuff might be worth it, regardless!
Date Added: 02/08/2017 by Robert F.
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